Adoption Contract & Polices
Hoping Fur a Home's goal is to place dogs in their forever homes and to do this we need to make sure that the dog and family are a perfect match. Our application process is necessary to achieve this goal. There are many variables that go into making these decisions, so we review each application on a case by case basic. We do not necessarily approve applications on a first come first serve, rather we will make a decision based on the best fit for the dog and our years of experience in placing dogs in their forever homes. 

HFAH has a few requirements that need to be followed in the process of adopting you new family member:
- Completed, approved application on file
- Home visit from a HFAH representative when at all possible
- Telephone interview with the foster parent of dog that has been applied for
- Scheduled meet & greet with ALL family members living in the prospective home
   (responsibility of adopters to come to dogs location)
- Same day adoption at time of meet & greet is not guaranteed. This decision will be left up to the HFAH representative

Complete the Adoption Application

Adoption Fees are as Follows:
$250 year and older
$300 year and under​

*Exceptions can be made at rescues discretion on pricing*

 *Hoping Fur a Home reserves the right to refuse to adopt to anyone for any reason*
All un-neutered, un-spayed dogs and puppies require a separate $100 check to be left as a deposit and will be shredded upon proof of spay/neuter. To learn more about how we determine our adoption fees please visit the More  pages .